Woven wire mesh is very versatile and is available in several different alloys openings and wire diameters. The woven nature of the mesh allows it to be manufactured into a plethora of different sized openings using a wide array of wire diameters. Openings range from a few microns to several inches.

welded wire mesh

1″ x 1″ x 10 guage (aluminium)

woven wire mesh, intermediate crimp.

Wire with high electrical conductivity such as aluminum copper and brass are difficult to manufacture into welded wire mesh. Hence the weaving process is more commonly used to form these materials into wire mesh.

Woven wire mesh is used in many different applications and in a wide array of industries.

Some of the industries and applications where we see woven wire mesh used:

  • insect screening
  • architectural and ornamental applications
  • separator screens in the aggregate industry
  • partitions
  • filtration screens
  • protective guarding
  • game farm netting


When ordering woven wire mesh please try to provide the following:

  1. mesh count – number of openings in the mesh per lineal inch
  2. wire diameter – diameter of the wire in decimals of an inch eg. 1/8″ = .125 wire diameter
  3. metal or alloy – eg. stainless steel , aluminum, plain steel, copper
  4. intended use – marine environment, high temperature, high acidity
  5. quantity and dimensions